Westwood - Financial Advisory

What We Deliver to Our Clients:

Sector Expertise

Deep sector knowledge in investment banking that enables us to:

  • Best position our clients’ investment thesis to achieve the highest valuation on their equity offerings
  • Best position our clients’ credit profile to achieve the lowest yield on their debt offerings
  • Demonstrate the most in-depth knowledge of potential buyers to maximize sale value for our clients
  • Bring the most experience to the advice we give our clients
  • Maximize the likelihood that transactions are both completed and completed flawlessly






Senior-Level Attention on Transactions

It is senior-level commitment to our clients’ transactions that enables us to bring the most experience in structuring our clients’ needs.

Excellence in Execution Across All Products

Relationship-driven Approach

Our relationship-driven approach ensures each client receives insightful advice, tailored to deliver the best individual solutions. Specialists with detailed, expert knowledge work together to address geographic, product, business, sector, structural and technical issues. Solutions are devised and delivered by experienced execution professionals.


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