Westwood - Financial Advisory

We provide creditworthiness enhancing solutions to ensure our Clients - Corporates, Regional- and Local-Governments and Project Finance Companies - can optimise their funding strategy through the debt capital markets, banking and financial sponsors.

With focus in the CEE on both Investment Grade and High Yield. We leverage from our vast experience in providing credit rating enhancing solutions to Tier 1 Corporates, Sub-sovereigns and Project Finance Companies across Europe.

Our experience with the leading Rating Agencies in the world provides us with a unique reach to them and an outstanding understanding of their methodologies and specific considerations when rating entities and project structures across sectors and jurisdictions.

Our unique credit expertise combined with our capital markets proficiency and reach is a unique value-add enabling us to provide uniquely advanced integral credit solutions to our Clients.

  • Advice on credit rating our Client may receive an assessment and recommendation of a credit rating enhancement,  aiming to maximize the rating outcome prior to formally mandating the Rating Agency(ies). This solution is usually sought by Senior Management for the purpose of ensuring grounded internal recommendations and decisions on when and how to apply for a rating and access the debt markets. This because the rating outcome is usually the determinant if and under which terms a Corporate can access the debt markets. In the case of Project Finance, the rating outcome will be the determinant indicator of the project risk and hence of the ability to raise the necessary funds.
  • Credit structuring of Project Finance aiming to achieve the optimal balance between access and cost of funding and credit enhancement mechanisms such as insurance, liquidity support mechanisms and equity-like funding instruments
  • Advice on choice of funding instruments taking into consideration, the Client’s business and financial risk profile, investors considerations and the Corporate’s desired financial flexibility.



  • Advice on whether or not the Corporate should apply for a public rating and the evaluation of its readiness to do so.
  • Advice for Clients on all aspects of the rating process to achieve the optimal rating and financing outcomes.
  • Structuring advanced credit defense strategies to ensure the best possible credit rating outcome and/or funding terms.
  • Evaluation of the most appropriate credit rating taking into account our Client’s business strategy and desired financial flexibility.
  • Assessment of the most adequate Rating Agency(ies), taking into account the Corporate and Project specific credit factors. Negotiation with Rating Agencies on terms, timing and rating process.
  • Assessment of the impact on the Client’s creditworthiness/rating of financial and business strategic changes.
  • Advice and support to our Clients’ in establishing financial policies and strategies that balance their financial risk appetite with both the entity’s business risk and business strategy aim.


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